Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows are an Elegant and Stylish Solution To Large Walls

Obscure glass adds privacy where window covering are impractical or undesirable (bathrooms, sidelights) providing a translucent of semi-opaque effect. It may or not be tempered.

A non-operable window provides great design flexibility, desirable for rooms with scenic views. Arches, Circles Ovals, Trapezoids, and many other shapes fall within this category also known as “Picture Windows”.

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Florida Approval Documentation

Series 4230 Impact Resistant Fixed Windows

FIXED WINDOW (SERIES 2011 Impact Resistant)

Series 4230 Fixed Windows Section

Section / Cutout

Series 4230 Non-Impact Resistant Fixed Windows



Aluminum Frame Finishes
White, Bronze, & Clear Anodized

Type of Glass:
Available in 3/16″& 1/4″ Annealed, 1/4″ Tempered, 5/16″ Impact and 7/16″ Impact

Available Glass Colors
Clear, Gray, Bronze, Green & Obscure, Solarban 60 and Solarban 70


Non Opening windows


  •  Superb design and engineering help prevent air and water infiltration

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Florida State Approvals:

Sunshine Windows Florida Approval DBPR

The Florida State Approvals are in PDF format.
(You can download Adobe Reader free from Adobe)

Series 4230 Aluminum Fixed Window

Series 2011 Aluminum Fixed Window